About us

Indi Ltd

Despite the notion “taxi business” remains misunderstood by most people, we at Indi Ltd. have always tried to meet the statutory requirements in order to call ourselves namely – Taxi Company. We started in 1997 as we clearly stated our corporate values and philosophy of work so in 2016 our trademark “Indicar” to be related to security and quality of transport service.

19 on the market

For 19 years on the market we at Indicar try to satisfy the wishes of our clients as at the same time give the latest of the technological world.

Our clients

We have always tried to maintain a capacity of vehicles which to meet the demand and that is why METRO Cash and Carry Bulgaria, Kaufland Bulgaria Ltd and Co CD, Telenor Bulgaria EAD, Mall Galleria AD, Cinema City Bulgaria AD, Promet Steel AD, Informa Print Ltd. and Burgas Tag Services Ltd., HHB Holidays and Travel Ltd., R and Ci Ltd. and others trusted us.

What distinguishes us from other


We have set one main goal – To always adequately meet your demand


Our vision for the future is based on the wish To provide more services that will ease your everyday life

We are proud that many large firms and companies are our long-standing partners

We understand the words “I am in a hurry”, “I have no time”, “I have to be there in 5 minutes” and precisely because of this we aim to constantly increase and renew our taxi vehicles

Understanding the changes in the business environment, we at Indi Ltd. aim to follow the development of technologies by providing you a greater selection of ways to order taxi

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