Due to the increased number of taxi vehicles trying to imitate the name, the logo and the stickers of the brand Indicar here we will place photos of vehicles we see in the city.

The idea is to show how easily YOU – our clients, could in the hurry be confused of the taxi car you get in. Every day filed are complaints from clients for the prices they paid for transportation, impolite attitude by drivers, refusal to take responsibility in case of a traffic accident as well as complaints about the cleanliness and the appearance of the cars. Unfortunately in cases when you have been lied to by taxi drivers whose vehicles carry the name of taxi companies like”Интер кар”, „Интер Лайф“,“ Сезон кар“, „Анди кар“, „Ини кар“ and so on we cannot bear responsibility and support your right as a CLIENT to seek punishment for the guilty people. We at Indicar ask our clients to be CAREFUL when hopping on a taxi so people lied to could be less.

We ask all our clients for cooperation so the people lied to could be less and we expect your photos and comments so we can include them in the FAKES folder!

Gallery fakes

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