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We provide you the opportunity to choose the most convenient way to call a taxi by adding your requirements.


0898 500 585
0886 887 007
0877 121 881

Through feedback

0889 88 1000
0889 88 1001
0889 88 1313

Through social networks

Through Taxistars for clients

When ordering taxi please leave your specific preferences:

Vehicle 6+1 seats

Vehicle with large trunk

Vehicle with seat for children

Corporate clients

If you are a company and you have set a budget for transportation, if you wish to optimize the expenses when transporting your employees and to control their hourly range, then we suggest to you:

Eased way of working with vouchers

(on paper and virtual)

Invoicing twice a month

Bank payment

For conclusion of contract

Our clients

METRO Cash & Carry Bulgaria

Kaufland Bulgaria Ltd. & Co KD

Telenor Bulgaria EAD

Cinema City Bulgaria AD

Promet Steel AD

Informa print Printing Ltd.

R & C ltd

Sopharma Trading AD


/6:00-22:00 /
/22:00-6:00 /
Price for 1 km RUN (BGN) 0,86 0,96
Price for CALLING (BGN) 0,00 0,00
INITIAL FEE (BGN) 1,16 1,26
Price for 1 min. STAY (BGN) 0,26 0,26
Price for 1 km RUN (BGN)
Outside the city
0,86 0,96

Our vehicles

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