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We provide you the opportunity to choose the most convenient way to call a taxi by adding your requirements.

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Corporate clients

If you are a company and you have set a budget for transportation, if you wish to optimize the expenses when transporting your employees and to control their hourly range, then we suggest to you:

Eased way of working with vouchers

(on paper and virtual)

Invoicing twice a month

Bank payment

For conclusion of contract

Our clients

METRO Cash & Carry Bulgaria

Kaufland Bulgaria Ltd. & Co KD

Telenor Bulgaria EAD

Cinema City Bulgaria AD

Promet Steel AD

Informa print Printing Ltd.

R & C ltd

Sopharma Trading AD


/6:00-22:00 /
/22:00-6:00 /
Price for 1 km RUN (BGN) 1,30 1,50
Price for CALLING (BGN) 0,00 0,00
INITIAL FEE (BGN) 2,60 3,00
Price for 1 min. STAY (BGN) 0,29 0,39
Price for 1 km RUN (BGN)
Outside the city
1,09 1,19

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